Project Description

C1 Short-term joint staff training events

22nd – 26th November 2021

“Inclusion and Special Needs in European Robotics Week”

Participants in this mobility, which took place in Biblioteca dei Ragazzi “E. De Amicis ”learned how to implement robotics in inclusive didactics enabling students with special needs and also how to build a robot and experiment activity plans. They also got to know different school projects in Italy such as Scuola in Ospedale or the special needs center Associazione Philos that assists children, teenagers and adults with Autism and got familiar with the humanoid robot Nao.
The participants improved their competencies on Arduino, Lego, Halocode, Mbot which will be applied on their local institutions with both their students and teachers alike.
Here you can read more about the LTTA thanks to our Italian partner

A portfolio of the experience made by the Finnish colleagues