Project Description

C3   Short-term joint staff training events 30th May-  2nd June 2022 

“From the outer space to the classroom”   Granada (SPAIN) hosted by IBSTEAM


  1. To get to know the Spanish education system from kindergarten up to upper secondary.

  2. To get familiar with the ESERO- NODOS programme “ from the outer space to the classroom”.

  3. To enhance scientific vocations in primary and secondary students, specially in girls to reduce the gender divide in science.

  4. To apply robotics to integrate the STEAM areas in the curriculum.

  5. To carry out hands -on training to develop a robotics activity to be implemented in one’s classroom related to space.


Here you can find the programme of the LTTA. 

LTTA Granada

ESERO (European Space Education Resource Office) is the emblematic educational project from the ESA (European Space Agency) which started in 2007 in the Netherlands in order to promote the teaching of STEM disciplines among the European teachers from both primary and secondary education, with the purpose of enhancing scientific vocations in the students with an emphasis on girls. The project ESERO Spain, with the motto “ from the space to the classroom” is being implemented since 2017 in Parque de las Ciencias de Granada. You can check it on their webpage.  

Thus, the fact that we chose Granada as the venue for this LTTA and not Palma, where CEP IBSTEAM has its location, lies basically on the fact that partners become familiar with the European Space Education Resource Office in situ, get training directly from the Agency, get to know the contests, ESERO resources and materials for the classroom, combining the theoretical approach with the activities to transfer in the classroom with the use of kits.  The purpose of that training was, on the one hand, to get familiar with the different instructional materials related to the programme, namely:  aerospace engineer, exoplanets detective, Labquest, Earth observer from ISS, rocket launch and on the other, to experiment with them and create a common kit to be implemented in all countries. 


Besides the training provided by ESERO, we had a tour to Parque de las Ciencias to learn how they approach the dissemination of scientific knowledge.  In the same way, participants enjoyed four workshops on robotics carried out by IBSTEAM namely True- True (Primary), Crumble Junior (end of Primary- beginning Secondary), Crumble- Bot (end of Secondary), ARDUINO (Upper- Secondary), in some of them there were proposals of designing activities related to space combined with robotics. There was also a lecture on how IBSTEAM organizes the RobotIB training in the Balearic Islands, a program which has been implemented since 2017, whose target is to enhance interest in STEAM, introduce computational thinking and serve as a cross curricular tool to work on the different ways of thinking. The success behind this training program lies in the fact that not only does the teacher acquire specific knowledge on robotics, but also the school benefits from the resources and kits so that teachers can transfer what they have learned and implement it in the classroom with the students as soon as the course is finished. 

Additionally, IBSTEAM provided a lecture on the Spanish education system which had been completed with visits to the primary and secondary schools which are active participants in the ESERO program and pioneers in Spain in STEAM projects.


The first visit was to CEIP Virgen de la Paz  a primary school in Otura (Granada) where a great team of teachers leaded by a wonderful headmaster are implementing amazing STEAM projects such as “Space Academy” in which students can work on different projects such as:

  • Mission X (train like an astronaut)

  • Moon Camp (learn to build a lunar camp)

The second visit was to IES Blas Infante a Secondary school in Ogíjares (Granada). There, students and teachers showed us how they work in STEAM projects, how they implement robotics, and have a specific subject in 4th Compulsory Secondary School in Andalusia. 

We really want to thank the schools and staff for opening the doors and hosting us. You are all doing an incredible job! 

Here you can also see some of the evaluation carried out by the participants. 

Also gracias, thank you, grazie, kiitos for your enthusiasm and active participation! 



Junta de Andalucía


Scuola di Robotica (Genova, Italy)

CEP IBSTEAM (Balearic Islands, Spain)

Porin Kaupunki (Pori, Finland)