Project Description

C2 Short-term joint staff training event 29th March- 1st April 2022 Pori (Finland)  

“I can do it TOO” 

This second LTTA had to be postponed due to Covid-19 from mid-february 2022 to the end of March. Participants in this mobility, which took place in the City of Pori, Finland, worked on the following objectives:

  1. To get to know the Finnish education system from kindergarten up to upper secondary and tertiary studies.

  2. To raise awareness about gender equality in STEAM and science among students of all ages.

  3. To contribute to reducing the gender gap in science and draw attention to the role of women in science.

  4. To understand the process of digital transformation carried out at the school system by the City of Pori.

  5. To analyze the new role of the teacher and the training needed after the pandemic to be able to acquire the digital skills.

  6. To get to know the Finnish teacher training and its providers.



Participants enjoyed visits to Väinola primary school, Cygnaeus primary school, Kuninkaanhaka Secondary school, Satakunta University of Applied of Sciences and Kansalaisopisto Adult Education Centre.  For some of the participants, this was their first Erasmus+ experience, for our hosts, the Finnish, it meant their first time hosting a KA2 project and they did an excellent job, not only on the academic training but also on the cultural programme.

You can read more about the experience on the portfolio created by IBSTEAM