Project Description

C4   Short-term joint staff training events 10th –  13th October 2022 

“International Week of Science”   Pori (Finland) hosted by he Educational division of Pori

Objectives from the short-term joint staff training event

  • To acquire best practices of teaching and learning of STEAM -skills.
  • To disseminate digital competence training in both primary and secondary schools.
  • To get to know the Finnish education system from kindergarten up to upper secondary and tertiary studies.
  • To understand the process digital transformation carried out at the school system by the City of Pori.
  • To acquire best practices related to the digital ecosystem and data analytics in the schools. 
  • To get to know the Finnish teacher training and its providers.

After breaking the ice, participants visited Itätuuli school and learned about the crafts subjects. Special of interest was to learn about their program for kids with special needs. 

In the visit to Lukio High Secondary School, there was a training on Oculus 3D glasses and a 360 immersive photo camera and the content they created to use with the student.

The following visit to Opistotalo adult education center gave the participants the chance to get to know the process of digital transformation the schools in Pori have been undergoing. 

The mobility was completed with a visit to the Department of Teacher Education of Turku University in Rauma where the professional development system in Finland was explained putting emphasis on STEAM and digital competence. 

All in all, participants enjoyed a Finnish cultural experience including sauna and BBQ as well as a nice trip to Helsinki.

You can learn more about the experience here with the portfolio created by the Spanish colleagues.