Project Description

C5   Short-term joint staff training events 13th –  16th February 2023 

“Safer Internet Day”   Genova (Italy) hosted by Scuola di Robotica

Objectives from the short-term joint staff training event

  • To acquire best practices related to cybersecurity and celebrate Safer Internet Day.
  • To familiarize the participants with Roboethics.
  • To analyse the role Artificial Intelligence plays and will play in education.
  • To acquire best practices related to educational robotics.
  • To get to know the Italian education system from kindergarten up to upper secondary and tertiary studies.

After breaking the ice and getting to know a little bit of the city of Genoa, participants attended a workshop on Roboethics lead by Fiorella Operto, one on educational robotics with Halocode and Mblock to code avatars to gamify one’s lessons.

There was a visit to the Fondazione Fassicomo where participants learned about VET system in Italy concretely on graphic design and IT.

In addition, participants attended “Safe Use of Digital Media and AI Bias and Stereotypes” on emphasis was placed on the bias that search engines, digital networks and databases can produce.  

The next workshop was on lego Mindstorm EV3 and its didactics and the following was carried out by IBSTEAM following the thread of the mobility” Safer Internet Day” with material created in order to fight fake news and disinformation online. 

There was a presentation of the cybersecurity awareness campaign that would be carried out in the Finnish, Spanish and Italian schools.

Similarly, participants get to know “Beyond SUN” project to promote the responsible use of the Internet and new technologies promoted by the region of Liguria.

The mobility was completed with a tour around Cinque Terre by train visiting Riomaggiore, Manarola and Vernazza and the coordinators meeting. This was the last LTTA from the project prior to the last transnational meeting to be held in Menorca in May 2023.  

Here you can find a video summary of the mobility by the Italian partners and the portfolio of the participants.   Portfolio.